Authentic wedding photography

Welcome to my little piece of the internet!

I’m Martina, a wedding and family photographer. I attended my first wedding as a photographer in 2008, and 5 years later Studio Kofol was created, the atelier in which I still create.

Simplicity, a relaxed atmosphere and the discreet way of capturing spontaneous moments are the hallmarks of my work. I love sincere smiles and adore capturing all the details that tell your stories. The end result are vivid and authentic photos without excessive processing: because your love doesn’t need filters.

Wedding photography

The preparations, the tension, the anticipation, the happiness, tears of joy, the wedding rings, the bouquet, the throwing of the rice, the congratulations, the first dance, the wedding cake… These are just some of the words that are part of the wedding day. However, the most important word is your love, the one that binds the whole day from start to finish. So choose a photographer who will capture all the moments of your love with care.

The photos are taken in a documentary style, thus composing your story by including sincere and most important moments of the wedding day. Of course, there are also posed photos where I still try to capture the bride and groom spontaneously. Every wedding is as unique as you are. Photos are postprocessed with a natural style so the memories will always be vivid and genuine.

I am based in Istria, Slovenia but always willing to move to various countries and places.